Why choose us ?

Personalization: Every one of our clients are unique, and in order to tailor the perfect look for them, our brow specialist Tiffany will recommend a look that is specifically designed for the client by looking at many different factors (such as the client’s occupation, personality, face structure, makeup style, etc.) Consultation sessions with Tiffany are conducted so a thorough analysis could be done before the embroidery starts, ensuring that the clients are able to get the look that best suits them.

Quality over Quantity: Our specialist Tiffany Luo is very passionate in her work, in order to ensure quality, she will not take more than 5 clients in a day, this will guarantee that she has enough time to perform the procedure meticulously for each client. We also set our prices based on the skill of our specialist as well as the quality of the treatment compared to pricing ourselves against our competitors, this is because we take pride in our ability to give our clients only the best.

Keeping up with Trends: Tiffany Luo will always go on courses that can update her with the current trends in brow treatments to constantly upgrade herself. In addition, she would always be doing self research on the latest fashion trends and looks, expanding the options that she could offer to her clients and keeping up with the times.




Misty Gradient embroidery

A soft, misty, powder filled brow similar to the look of makeup.

Specially for those new to brow embroidery

$1288 for 4 sessions | 90min per session

The entire course allows you to have beautiful brows for 2-3 years, starting from your first colour service. Includes:

* Brow Consultation
* Brow Design
* Anesthetic cream applied
* 4 sessions of semi-permanent colour services
* Frequency: 

2nd colour service — Within 3 months

3rd colour service — 6-8 months 

4th colour service. — 6–8 months

Semi-permanet Eyeliner

Single Liner
$580 for 2 sessions | 75min per session

Full Liner
$880 for 2 sessions | 100 min per session

Our artist designs precise, smudge-proof eyeliner to enhance the shape, size and colour of your eyes, naturally. Includes:

* Eyeliner Design
* Anesthesia Cream Applied
* Semi-permanent Colouring Services
* Aftercare Creams

Touch up session has to be done within 6 months.


working hours

Monday – Friday 10am – 8pm
Sat & Sun 11am – 9pm
Pub holiday 11am – 6pm

we are here

190 Jalan Eunos
(Euhabitat) Tower 3 #02-10
Singapore 419539