What is Eyebrow Embroidery?

Eyebrow Embroidery is a semi-permanent method of styling eyebrows. Compared to eyebrow tattoos which lasts forever, eyebrow embroidery can last up to two years, which means you can change the style of your eyebrows after a while if you like. Eyebrow embroidery uses various techniques to add coloured pigments to sparse areas of the eyebrows, making them appear fuller and more flawless.

How is Eyebrow Embroidery done?

1. The eyebrow specialist will take a look at the client’s eyebrows and discuss with the client what shape of eyebrows they would like to have done. The specialist will also advise the client about the eyebrow shapes that best suits their features and face shape, helping them design the perfect look.

2. The specialist will then use an eyebrow pencil to trace the desired eyebrow shape on the client and then make adjustments on the angle or length if necessary.

3. Next, the specialist applies an anaesthetic cream that needs to be kept on for at least 15 minutes before the procedure. During the 15 minutes, the specialist will choose the eyebrow colour that matches the client’s current eyebrow colour, hair colour and complexion.

4. The specialist begins the procedure by using a sterilized small blade that is very sharp and thin. Small pieces of the top layer of the skin (epidermis) will be cut away and the chosen colour will be applied.

Is Eyebrow Embroidery Safe?

At The Brow & Beauty Boutique, we make sure to sterilize our tools and equipment. In addition to that, we also use sterile disposable blades which are changed when a new client comes in and the pigments that we use are made from pure organic plant essences that are non-carcinogenic and safe on sensitive skin. We make sure to keep high standards for our valued clients, so rest assured that doing eyebrow embroidery with us will be safe.

How do I get the best results?

To ensure you get the best results, be sure to check yourself out in a mirror after our specialist has drawn in the eyebrows to confirm that it is the desired look for you before you proceed with the procedure. In about a week after the procedure, up to 60% of the colour may begin to fade unevenly, it is recommended that you come back for a follow up session to fill up the uneven areas after 28 days. Be sure to follow the aftercare tips after your embroidery to ensure that you properly take care of your brows and help in the healing.

Why choose The Brow & Beauty Boutique.

1) Personalization: Every one of our clients are unique, and in order to tailor the perfect look for them, our brow specialist will recommend a look that is specifically designed for the client by looking at many different factors (such as the client’s occupation, personality, face structure, makeup style, etc.) Consultation sessions with the specialist are conducted so a thorough analysis could be done before the embroidery starts, ensuring that the clients are able to get the look that best suits them.

2) Quality over Quantity: Our specialist is very passionate in her work, in order to ensure quality, she will not take more than 4 clients in a day, this will guarantee that our specialist has enough time to perform the procedure meticulously for each client. We also set our prices based on the skill of our specialist as well as the quality of the treatment compared to pricing ourselves against our competitors, this is because we take pride in our ability to give our clients only the best.

3) Keeping up with Trends: Our specialist will always go on courses that can update her with the current trends in brow treatments to constantly upgrade herself. In addition, she would always be doing self research on the latest fashion trends and looks, expanding the options that she could offer to her clients and keeping up with the times.

7 tips that can keep your eyebrow perfect

Let them grow
Before you begin any form of styling or treatment, let your brows grow out in their natural shape, at least for 3 months would be ideal. Sometimes doing less goes a long way, constant grooming may cause your brows to thin out or become misshapen, so it is important to grow out your brows. A tip to help your brows grow out would be to eat more protein, besides promoting hair growth, research has shown that it helps eyebrow hair too.

Find the look that suits you
Everyone is unique, depending on many different factors(ie. Facial shape, make-up style, etc.) a different style may suit you best. For example, a curved brow shape would best suit a square face and a flat, soft-angled brow shape would suit an oval face. It is important to get the right eyebrow shape that best suits your facial shape to bring out your best features.

Brows are like hair on your heads
Eyebrows, like the hair on our heads, require lots of care and maintenance for them to always look perfect. Eyebrows require grooming for them to look good too, so remember to brush them regularly with a spooly brush, by doing this you can also help promote blood flow and exfoliate the skin underneath the brows. Our hairs require conditioning to keep them smooth and shiny, the same goes for our eyebrows, so make sure you condition your brows.

Minimise the plucking
See a stray hair out of place? The first idea that pops up in your head would probably be to have it plucked, but hold those tweezers, plucked brows take at least 2 to 4 months to grow back. It is reminded that you take caution when plucking so you don’t make a mistake you will regret. A pro tip is that you only pluck the hairs that stick out above the brow, nothing more.

It’s normal for brows to look different
Stressing out over getting that perfect symmetrical brow design? Professionals say, “Brows are like sisters not twins” In fact, your brows would look more natural if they weren’t totally alike, no need for the extra plucking or redoing the make-up countless times, each of your brows are unique, just like you.

Tint them from time to time
Maybe some of your brow hairs are slightly darker or lighter than others, or perhaps you want them to match the colour you have your hair dyed in. You can consider either going for a tint to add or remove pigments as desired, it will help your brows look more perfect for the short term.

Never do anything permanent
Eyebrow tattoos? Permanent hair removal? Before you make a decision you will probably regret in the long term, consider a semi-permanent brow treatment instead. Our faces and brows will change as we age, the same style might not work for you forever, so make sure you NEVER do any permanent treatment methods.

Are you suited for the Korean eyebrow style?

Korean stars have become such a huge trend, everyone is listening to K-pop, you can see dancers practising their dance moves in public areas, take a ride on public transport and people are watching K-dramas on their smartphones or tablets, let’s not forget about all the Korean clothing advertisements adorning your screens when you go on your favourite online shopping website. Korean fashion and beauty tips are now on top of the latest trends, it’s no surprise that everyone is following them.

Given their influence in both fashion and beauty trends, even brow style trends follow their influence, the Korean straight brow is one of the biggest things in the latest beauty trends. The straight brow, as its name implies is a straight brow with little to no arch is popular for a few reasons. For one, it requires very little maintenance, it’s straight, simple and looks natural and neat. Another reason why everyone is sporting them is their ability to help you look younger, like the youthful K-pop stars you see in your favourite music videos.

Just because everyone is sporting the latest trends in the straight eyebrow style, does that mean that everyone is suited for the style? Unfortunately, we’re gonna have to say no. As appealing as the Korean straight brows are, not everyone can rock the look as well as the others.

Assuming you have a long face shape or a thin, oval face shape, congratulations! You will rock the Korean straight eyebrow look. For ladies with a long face, the brows help to create the illusion that your face is shorter than it really is, as for those with the thin oval face, the thick straight brows will help make your face look wider, thus creating the perfect look. Unfortunately for those with different face shapes, the Korean straight brows might not suit you, but fret not, a different style will help you bring out your best features, just consult your brow specialist and they will be glad to help you.

Why has semi-permanent makeup become a trend

Back in the 90s, the trend in eyebrow styles were to keep them thin and plucked, but in the recent years with the rise of trends such as the Korean straight brows, many people are looking back at thick and lush brows again. Thinking about getting a permanent tattoo to get back your thick eyebrows after overplucking has thinned them out? Here’s an alternative solution: Eyebrow Embroidery.

Eyebrow embroidery is basically a semi-permanent way of styling your eyebrows. Over the years, as the thin brow trend has begun to die down, people have been seeking methods to fill in their brows, which is where eyebrow embroidery comes in. Unlike tattooing or using makeup to draw in the brows, which looks like the brows are painted on, eyebrow embroidery looks more natural as brow hairs are drawn in one by one using tiny blades so you won’t have to worry about putting on makeup daily and their brows would still look perfect.

Another reason people go for eyebrow embroidery is because the treatment is not permanent, and the results can last up to 2 years so they can have their brow styles changed to have them match the changes in your face over the years without worrying about making a long-term decision that they might end up regretting.

The idea of using tiny blades add pigment to your brows sound unsafe? Rest assured that the process is quite safe, specialists are required to have licenses before they can perform the procedure and the sterilized blades are replaced for each customer. The specialist will also apply a thin layer of anaesthetic cream to help minimise the discomfort as much as possible so you won’t need to worry too much about going for the procedure.

Different types of eyebrow embroidery

There are a few types of eyebrow embroidery methods, but we will go into the 2 main types of embroidery methods. Namely, Strokes eyebrow embroidery and Misty powdery eyebrow embroidery.
Strokes Eyebrow Embroidery: This method is performed by the brow specialist using tiny blades to add pigment to the brow area and use the blades to slowly draw in the fine strokes of the eyebrow. By drawing out the fine strokes which follow the direction in which the client’s brows are in, a natural look resembling the brows already growing on the customer can be created. This method is best suited for our clients who wish to fill in sparse areas of their eyebrows or want to go for a more natural or realistic look.

Misty Powdery Eyebrow Embroidery: This method is done when the specialist uses a few different types of pigment, which will range from a lighter to darker tone and will add the colour to eyebrows, creating a gradient which will look like the customer has applied makeup on their brows. This method is best suited for our busy clients as it helps them to save some time from their daily makeup routine while keeping their brows looking stylish all the time.

Signature Combination Eyebrow Embroidery: This method combines techniques used in both the strokes embroidery and powdery embroidery methods to give the brows a natural touch while at the same time bringing out the best the brows have to offer. Many clients would opt for the combination of both techniques so that they can have the sparse areas of their brows filled in yet at the same time have the look of applied makeup, reaping the benefits that both methods have.

How long I have to do a touch up to maintain the best shape and colour of my eyebrows?

Unlike traditional tattoos, which last for about 10-20 years, eyebrow embroidery is semi permanent and will only last for about 2-3 years. Old tattoos may even leave behind reddish or bluish ink spots which may require laser treatments to completely remove all the pigments that are left. The reason behind the fading could be attributed to the fact that organic pigments were used and the body would gradually dissolve them over time.

Even though the brows may require minimal maintenance, it is recommended that the client comes back for a touch up once in 6 months for the brows to always look perfect. Factors such as exposure to UV rays, oily skin or excessive perspiration may cause the colours to fade more easily. For those clients, they can come back for a touch up session within 6-8 months.

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